Frac Tank


BTI has an extensive inventory of tanks and containers for rent.  Our tank selection includes frac tanks, poly tanks, mini tanks, mud tanks and weir tanks.  Additionally, BTI has available 20CY/40CY bins, phase separators, low pro bins, wash bays and vacuum boxes.  

We provide equipment delivery and removal and offer waste disposal of water and solids using our transportation fleet.  

Our high quality equipment and innovative designs will meet your specific project needs. 

Equipment details and specification sheets available using the learn more button.



BTI has a large fleet of trucks and trailers including aluminum end dumps, steel rock trailers, transfer trucks, 10-wheelers, rocket launchers, winch trucks and vacuum trucks.  We are a fully licensed and permitted hazardous waste transporter and transport hazardous and non-hazardous solids, liquids and debris on a daily basis.  Our equipment has unique specifications for safe, efficient transportation.

To accommodate all types of waste management needs, BTI has a full inventory of waste containers including 20 CY bin, 40 CY bins, Slide Top Bins, Low Profile Bins, Mud Boxes, 25 CY Vacuum Boxes and Phase Separators.  Equipment details and specification sheets available using the learn more button.

Transportation & Containers
Dino Truck - Dry Excavation


New Technology!  New Equipment!  BTI continues using and promoting innovative equipment and in 2017 introduced our dry suction excavation unit, the Dino.  The Dino is the first dry suction excavation unit in the United States and is unbeatable in terms of underground utility non-destructive, highly productive, cost efficient excavations. 

The Dino operates using two powerful fans that generate 24,000 CFM for excavation, uses a 20’ articulated excavator style boom with a 10” suction hose and can hold up to 10 yards of DRY material. 

Please watch our Dino Video and select the learn more button for more details.

Watch the DINO video here



BTI offers on-site project support with qualified equipment operators and certified field technicians using mobile mini-excavators, backhoes, front end loaders, compressors and water buffalos.  Our team of professionals can implement project design and installation.

We also provide certified Project Managers and Truck Bosses for truck management, manifesting and traffic control.

Construction Management & Environmental Remediation