BTI has worked on many projects providing on-site services, loading, transportation and disposal for
non-hazardous and hazardous soil, liquids and debris. Underground utility and excavation projects highlight the dry suction excavation equipment and safe, efficient work. Construction projects range from material movement on-site to bunker builds. Our project scopes vary as we met the needs and requests of our clients.

BTI's transportation services encompass top of the line equipment and operators and additionally incorporate on-site project managers, equipment inspections, loading, tonnage reports, pre-printed manifests, distribution of manifests on-site, summary tonnage reports throughout the project and hardcopy and scanned versions of the manifests/landfill scales tags. Often we assist with portable scales with operator, gauge readers, truck decon and truck tarping services. On all of our projects, we assist with waste evaluation, waste profiling, landfill approval, landfill scheduling and disposal options. 

Safety is our first priority at all project sites and BTI has operated safely, with no incidents, at all of our project sites. 




BTI transported six hundred thousand tons of non-hazardous and hazardous soils associated with the Hollywood Park, new NFL stadium build project in the Los Angeles area.  The off-haul portion of the project started in August 2016.  BTI managed all aspects of transportation at the site.  In September 2016 alone, BTI hauled over 60,000 tons of soil. Inglewood, CA . 

Project Dates: August 2016 - June 2017

USMC MCB Camp Pendleton Stuart Mesa East Agricultural Field - One Million Tons

Project Total: Over One Million Tons & 40,000 Truck Loads 

BTI hit a mile stone in 2017 by reaching a project total one million tons hauled from the same project site. One million tons equated to 40,000 loads hauled off the project site, safely. Our success on this project started with understanding local landfill permits which allowed us to provide two disposal locations and use regulatory waste approval techniques to minimize hazardous waste on-site; thus saving the base millions of dollars in transportation and disposal.

  • At the peak of the project, BTI was processing 300 truckloads per day

  • Project consisted of contaminated non-hazardous soils and hazardous soils

  • Project support consisted of on-site truck processing (including manifesting, equipment inspections, gauge reading, tarp racks) and transportation and disposal 

Project Dates: 2010 - 2017


BTI has proudly assisted Caltrans safely on multiple projects.  Project include day time and night time transportation with on-site project management.  One of our many Caltrans project started in May 2018 at which we provided end dump trucks to transport 9,880 tons, which is over 400 loads, of non-RCRA, California Hazardous soil from a project site in Sacramento to Clean Harbors, Buttonwillow Landfill. 

Project Dates: May 2018 - September 2018


Santa Clara Valley Water District

Currently, BTI provides transportation and disposal services to Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) and water treatment solids generated at three treatment facilities in Santa Clara County.  BTI provides end dump trailers stationed at the treatment facility for direct loading of the waste and we provide end dumps for backhoe loading on a weekly basis. 
This is a weekly service project.

Project Dates: June 2015 - Current



Environmental remediation cleanup in Oroville resulted in over 12,000 tons of contaminated soil being generated and transported to both non-hazardous and hazardous waste landfills.  BTI provided an on-site project manager to manage loads being off-hauled to landfill locations, manage manifests and be the point of contact for driver communication on-site.  Our trucks passed multiple rigorous truck inspections throughout the project.

Project Dates: April 2018 - December 2018


Working with Clean Harbors, BTI transported non-hazardous and hazardous soils from the Genentech location in South San Francisco, California.  BTI provided end dump trucks, rocket launchers for bin transportation, 20 CY Bins and on-site personnel for equipment, loading, manifesting and driver management.  This is an on-going job that has transported over 5,000 tons to date

Project Dates: August 2016 - December 2018


DINO - Morro Bay, CA

Using our Dino, dry suction excavation unit, BTI worked on gas transmission lines excavating bell holes of depths of nine feet below ground surface. We excavated approximately 50 CY of soil per day and generated over 400 CY. The dry spoils were unloaded directly onto the project site and reused at the project site. 

Project Dates: November - December 2017


Using dry suction excavation, BTI assisted in the Paradise restoration efforts.  BTI completed multiple services per day at multiple excavation locations per day utilizing all of units, seven days a week.  Dry spoils from excavation were unloaded at a staging yard for future reuse.

Project Dates: December 2018 - January 2019

Dino - Arvin, CA

Working within a valve yard, BTI’s Dino dry suction excavation unit, has safely excavated over 350 CY of dry soil in an excavation that ranges up to seventeen feet below ground surface.  The dry soil is unloaded at the project site for reuse.  The reuse of soil on-site has saved the project thousands of dollars by eliminating the need and associated costs for import material and trucking.  Project conditions allow for production rates of 40-70 CY of soil excavated per day.

Project Dates: February 2018 - December 2018



Using up to 80 ft of laydown hose, BTI is productively excavating in tight site conditions.  Because of the dual fan technology, the Dino does not lose suction with additional hose attached and successfully adapts to the project site conditions.  Excavated soil remains on-site for reuse which save the project money by eliminating the need and costs associated with excavated soil disposal, backfill material and trucking. 

Project Dates: June 2019


Using our Dino unit, BTI assisted Ferma Corporation and Waste Management in Oakland, California to suction clean an abandoned storm water culvert and drain.  Since the Dino can suction dry material, wet material and large pieces of debris, it was able to reach and remove all material that was encountered.  The unit unloaded directly into 20CY bins which were hauled to landfills for disposal.  Additionally end dumps and vacuum trailers were used to transport and dispose of the liquid.   Approximately 7,100 tons of non-hazardous and 4,140 RCRA hazardous soil and water was hauled, in about 300 loads. The sited many of our pieces of equipment including phase separators and 10k mini tanks. 

Project Dates: October 2018 – December 2018


The Dino cleaned out and cleared a flow canal and piping at a landfill.  We safely removed built-up material with no damage to the existing facilities which was a critical factor during this project. Previous removal methods would have taken multiple days to complete and the Dino completed the work within one day.

Project Dates: June 2019


mountain cascade - ebmud north interceptor relief - Berkeley, CA

BTI has been contributing to the Mountain Cascade project since June 2018 by providing 8-10 trucks per day and hauling non-RCRA and non-hazardous contaminated soil.  We utilized a local Class II landfill and a California Class I landfill for disposal. 

Project Dates: June 2018-January 2019


Non-hazardous and hazardous soil has been managed from the Caltrans Doyle Drive Extension Project in San Francisco.  The project started in the winter of 2013 and has needed waste evaluation, waste approval profile, transportation and disposal support throughout the past four years.  BTI has managed nearly 300,000 tons of non-hazardous and hazardous soil safely to landfills.  San Francisco, CA. 

April 2013 to current.


BTI has a long term contract to provide PG&E with dry spoils transportation and disposal and import to multiple PG&E locations throughout Northern California.  We provide on-site project managers for truck management and manifesting, up to 30 trucks per day, waste sampling and analysis, waste approval of non-hazardous spoils, analytical management in PG&E database and various types of PG&E approved import materials. 

Project Dates: January 2016 to current



For over six months, BTI provided twelve to twenty trucks per day for a remediation clean up at Moffett Field.  Additionally, BTI provided a project manager on-site for truck and driver coordination on and off the base and at the project site.  The project manager assisted the on-site construction group with maintaining a safe off-haul.  Overall, 90,000 tons of non-hazardous and hazardous soil was transported in total.  

Project Dates: June 2018 – November 2018

west county wastewater district, richmond

On-site operations consisted of excavation of sludge from ponds, windrowing and turning of sludge stockpile to dewater the waste (D6 LGP), loading of end dumps with Cat 330 Excavator, transportation and disposal of non-hazardous waste.  BTI provided all equipment and operators to perform work.  Over 60,000 tons of sludge have been dewatered and hauled for disposal. 

Summer months 2011 through 2019.


BTI assisted with cleanup efforts of the Sonoma County area after the October 2017 Fire Storms.  One result of the fires was the need for remediation of hazardous asbestos debris.  Using many 20CY bins, rocket launchers and roll-off trucks, BTI safely shipped over 200 bin loads of hazardous debris.

Project Dates: Dec 2017 through Feb 2018




BTI has worked on multiple projects with Clean Harbors and hauling hazardous soil to Buttonwillow Landfill in California and to Grassy Mountain Landfill in Utah.  Project work includes Northrop Grumman Systems Corp in Sunnyvale, CA, BAE Systems in Hollister, CA and Rohr in Chula Vista, CA in 2018.  The projects resulted in thousands of tons of soil safely off-hauled, dependable transportation by consistently providing ten to thirty trucks per day and utilizing BTI’s aluminum and steel end dump trailers. 

Work continues in 2019 with the same jobs and new projects.


BTI has a long term contract to provide PG&E with wet spoils containment, transportation and disposal at multiple PG&E locations throughout Northern California.  BTI has designed and manufactured specific equipment to assist PG&E with the waste generated from wet hydrovac work.  New industry equipment includes the Mud Tank, Slide Top and Wash Bay.  BTI provides mobile service crews that have mini-excavators and supporting equipment with them to service PG&E locations on a daily basis.  Integral to the operations are the waste containers, such as 20CY bins, and specialty transportation roll-off, rocket launchers and vacuum trailers.  Wet spoils management is a daily operation with field crews and tractor trailers dispersed throughout Northern California.  Additionally, BTI performs waste sampling and analysis, waste approval of non-hazardous spoils and analytical management in PG&E database. 

Project Dates: December 2014 to current


Over the past six years, BTI has provided end dump transportation for non-hazardous soil, debris, California hazardous soil, RCRA soils from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to regional Class II landfills and California State Hazardous Landfills.  We have safely off-hauled over 200,000 tons of material and completed 8,000 truckloads.  We provide project managers for truck management and on-site specific requirements for truck decon and RAD detectors.

Project Dates: November 2013 - Current